Business and Trade

Business Copyright, Trademark and Patent

Apply for a Trademark Online

Apply for a Utility Model

Check Status of your Application for DDB Certification (non-controlled) and Exemption (with controlled chemicals) via ACEDS Portal

File for IPOPHL Industrial Design

Request for a Grant of a Philippine Patent

Search Trademark Information

Business Registration, Certificates and Compliance

Apply for Certificate of Conformity

Apply for Environmental Laboratory Recognition

Apply for ERC Certificate of Compliance

Apply for Importer and Importation Clearance for Recyclable Materials Containing Hazardous Substances

Apply for Non-CITES Wildlife Products - Import (Biodiversity Management)

Apply for Pre-Manufacture and Pre-Importation Notification CertificateApply for Priority Chemical List Compliance CertificateApply for Waste Water Discharge Permit

Apply Online for Issuance of Special Recruitment Authority (SRA) and/or Letter of Acknowledgment (LOA)

Calculate Registration Fee of Stock Corporation

Cancel your Application for Business Name Registration

Check Status of CNC Application Online

Check Status of ECC Application Online

Inquire Company Registration System (CRS) Status Online

Register a Business Name

Register a Company

Register a Sole Proprietorship Business

Register your Business Online with MTRCB for Analog Television Station

Register your Business Online with MTRCB for Cable TV

Register your Business Online with MTRCB for DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television)

Register your Business Online with MTRCB for Theater/Cinema

Request for Business Name Certificate

Request for Renewal of Business Name

Request for Zoning Certification

Request Securing Copies of Corporate and Partnership Documents

Submit your Company’s General Information Sheet and/or Audited Financial Statements Online to SEC

Update Information of your Application for a Business Name


Apply for Online Investment Assistance

File Complaints on Consumer Affair Service

Know more About Business or Investment-related Assistance

Financial Assistance

Apply for DBP ME and OBE Loan

Apply for DBP mSME Loan

Apply for DBP RLM Loan

Apply for DBP-Credit Surety Fund

Import and Export

Apply for Registration as Ecozone Enterprise or Ecozone Developer

Apply Online for Advance Rulings on Tariff Classification and Tariff Classification Dispute Rulings

Search for Tariff

List of Suppliers

Register as PhilMet Buyer

Register as PhilMet Supplier

Price Control Monitoring

Check the Prevailing Prices of Basic Necessities and Prime Commodities (ePresyo)

Know the Buying and Selling Prices of Rice and Corn

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