What is the GOV.PH


The GOV.PH or National Government Portal (NGP) is a single window uniting all web-based government content to maximize efficiency and provide rapid, high-quality services to citizens. It enables the citizens to find services quicker to reach in a single website. The GOV.PH also aims to propagate a uniform government look and feel while increasing government transparency.

It is one of the primary steps to advance the Philippines' ranking in the E-Government Development Index and propel it to Level 4 of the UN service model for e-governance, which is the transactional stage where users can actually pay for services and other transactions online.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is mandated by law (Republic Act 10844) to harmonize all national ICT plans and initiatives including the NGP.

Why build a GOV.PH?

  • To facilitate a more open and transparent government;
  • To promote the efficient delivery of public services;
  • To improve collaboration and partnership among government agencies;
  • To improve our international eGovernment ranking.

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The National Government Portal or is a site on the internet where people can find government data and information.

To make sure that the information and data are useful and reusable, the website content is standardized and structured. As content grows and improves, the portal is expected to expand to accommodate government sectoral and regional pages.


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To be part of the, government agencies are encouraged to coordinate with the project team handling the portal and familiarize themselves with its content management or Portal CMS.

As a citizen, you can be part of the creation and improvements of by providing inputs about the design and content through the feedback module available below. Your feedback will help our team improve the portal's content, layout, and functionalities.


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A well-informed citizenry is imperative in a strong democracy. The public's right to information is enshrined in our Constitution, and a national portal, which is a platform for open government data and information, fulfills this obligation. Also, international organizations like the United Nations are visiting national portals to establish benchmarks and gauge the performance of countries in e-governance.


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The GOV.PH provides only government public data and information. Transactions and assistance to specific needs or grievances of the citizens are addressed by respective agencies, which are listed on the portal.


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